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The Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization (OSCO) is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. We provide chess tournaments for K-12 students throughout Oklahoma. For information about volunteering or hosting a tournament at your school, or if you'd like to make a donation, contact us at

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School teams vs. club teams: What's the difference?

A school team is defined as a group of players that have their primary enrollment in the same school. No combined schools are allowed. A school is defined as the same building or connected buildings under the same name, or a homeschool group of players who do not spend any part of the school day in any K-12 building.


To provide a team option to players whose schools do not have a chess club, OSCO's rules also provide for club teams


The club team rules apply if your player meets regularly for chess practice with players from different schools. The group and its players must adhere to the rules below. One person from the club team (a parent or coach) must register the team with OSCO. Registration is free. 


Club team players/coaches/parents should be aware of the rules below.

Club team rules

Club team players must meet regularly in person (not online) and practice together.

Club teams must have meeting time and place published online (on a website, Facebook page, etc.)

A player may compete with either a club team or a school team, but not both.

Only one change (from club team to school team, for example) per academic year is permitted.

A player may not compete on a new team for the first time at the state championship.

Club teams must register with OSCO prior to competing together at a tournament.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Club Team definition, players found to be participating in tournaments as a Club Team member but NOT meeting and practicing as part of the Club Team will be subject to a one-game suspension of both the team and player on the first offense and for one calendar year for repeat offenses.

A note for homeschooled players

Homeschooled players who attend the same homeschool group should register with the name of the homeschool group in the "School" field when signing up for a tournament. ( = if you go to school together, even if it's a homeschool group, it's a school team, not a club team.) Homeschooled players who do not attend the same homeschool group may form club teams; see the rules above.

Homeschooled siblings who are not part of a club will automatically be entered as a team.

Register a club team


If your chess club meets at a school or homeschool group, do not fill out this form.

If your chess club meets outside of school, but all its members attend the same school or homeschool group, do not fill out this form.

If your chess club's members attend different schools but you do not meet for regularly scheduled practices, do not fill out this form.

If any of the above conditions apply, simply fill in the "School" field when you register a player for a tournament. Your player will be placed on a team with other students from their school or homeschool group.

If you represent a group of K-12 players who:

  •  meet for regularly scheduled, in-person practices, and

  • do not attend the same school, and this club meets the requirements outlined above, This form is for you!

There is no fee to register a club team. Sponsors/coaches: be sure to tell parents to enter the club team name when they register their players for tournaments, and please make certain they are aware of the club team rules above. For questions, call (405) 642-6136 or send an email to

Register a club team

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